pixiv inc.

Internship • Aug, 2015 — Sept, 2015

I have joined the summmar internship program. I have worked as a backend engineer.

cookpad inc.

Engineer • Oct, 2015 — June, 2016

I have engaged in developing cookpad app, which is the very large rails application. And I have also involved in the task related to NLP.

Recruit holdings co. ltd

Internship • Feb, 2017 — Mar, 2017

I have joined winter internship (Data scientist program). I have learned about clustering and matrix factorization there with good team mates!

International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine

Engineer • Sept, 2016 — Present

I have developed the automatic sleep-stage classification system.

University of Tsukuba

Teaching Assistant • Aug, 2017 — Dec, 2017

In this year, I am going to work as the TA in three undergrad courses (two basic programming courses and one course about information retrieval).


University of Tsukuba

Bachelor Degree, Library and Information Science • 2013 — 2017

Research about hypernymy extraction

Graduate School, University of Tsukuba

Master Degree, Informatics • 2017 — Present


Hypernymy extraction from natural language

Graduation research • 2016 — 2017

I have treated hypernymy extraction from natural language as the sequence labeling problem.



Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing


Web application developing, Natural Language Processing

Research Activities


Paper and Oral presentation • 2014

I have analyzed the activities in Recipe research communities using gini-coefficient.


Poster session • 2016

Annual workshop, Information-Based Induction Sciences


Paper and Poster session • 2017

Annual meeting, The Association for Natural Language Processing, PDF

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